In 1978 my parents brought me from Russia to the United States. I was only 14, entering a brand new world full of dreams and possibilities. We settled in New York City, Brooklyn, and so my pursuit of the American dream began.

I proceeded to Brooklyn College with full scholarship for my undergraduate studies in pre-Dental program.
In 1987, I entered NYU Dental School. In 1991, after four of the most growling years of my life, I graduated receiving my D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degree. I remained in Brooklyn until 1993 as an associate in a private practice serving a very tightly bonded community of Russian immigrants.
At the end of 1993 I relocated to Grants Pass Oregon there I fulfilled my ambition of establishing my own private dental practice.
Since my arrival in Oregon, I've been able to focus on serving and supporting the community of Grants Pass. One of my most significant contributions to the Grants Pass community is my role in a collaborated effort of many branches of medicine and various local agencies in The Perinatal Task Force. The Perinatal Task Force attracts dedicated talent in our community to face the wide range of challenges presented by pregnant mothers and their new-born. I'm privileged to represent the dental peace of that puzzle.
While I started as a solo practitioner I soon realized the limitations inherent in that style of practice. It became clear, through treating numerous dental emergencies over 15 years or so, that patient comfort encompasses not only the physical but more importantly the emotional aspect of dental experience. It became excitingly obviousness that dental emergencies consistently brought in the dental anxiety patient. To that end I began to create a style of practice that departs form the customary paradigm. I began a process of combining specialty care with general dental treatment under one roof. We as a group embraced the value sedation dentistry brings to patient care. Offering sedation dentistry in our offices sent a strong message of our recognition of the tough emotional challenges patients with dental anxiety face. We set out to end the cycle a lot of patients fall into where they seek out dental care only at the time of secure dental pain. Our practice focus began to shift. We realized that its not enough to offer all available dental services. We recognized the importance of managing the negative and prohibitive emotional stigma of dental treatment for all of or patients suffering from dental anxiety. The cycle of emergency treatment as the only treatment modality had to end. It had to be transformed into a comprehensive approach addressing all issues that prevent our patients form comfortably entering the comprehensive phase of treatment. We started to offer a focused variety of anxiety relieving medication to provide our patients with definitive options for managing their dental fears. Our goal was to create a comfortable dental home where idea of comfort didn't end with soft furniture in the waiting area. We wanted comfort to take on an expanded meaning, to speak to our patient's physical and emotional needs. We created an environment where patients know all of the staff and stay in one location for all general and specialty care. This concept also removes the anxiety of having to acquaint oneself with a strange office every time specialist needs to be enlisted in patient's care. Our Grants Pass patients were a great help in providing invaluable feedback along the process. We had to raise the level of education for all auxiliary members of our staff from the receptionists to the assistants and the hygienists.
We enthusiastically continue to welcome the technological advances in dentistry over the last 10-15 years. It became really confusing for our patients to determine what advancements are useful and sound. My colleagues and I are continuously educating and reinventing ourselves to provide our patients with expert advice on the most relevant, pertinent and affordable dental technology to achieve the best possible outcome of any treatment. The challenge is to incorporate technologies that best serve our patients without it effecting the cost of treatment. I'm proud to say we don't only strive but have succeeded in meeting that challenge.
As a result of incorporating these technological advancements some of our services became too sophisticated for the level of technology offered by the local dental laboratories. This necessitated enlistment of labs from large metropolitan areas.
This new paradigm shift allowed us to translate patient's requests into dental realities. We continue our strive to bring big city options to our hometown community.
It has been a challenging path from 1978 to present. One that defined me as a person and a professional, both in the realm of business and dentistry. The next challenge is to bring the experience and the expertise of our dental team to Medford. We hope people of Medford recognize the value of an integrated dental practice and welcome us to their community.